LunarGlide+ 3 Review

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Running

I bought the original lunarglide back in 2009 for a few reason: 1) I’m too lazy to have my running pronation checked at the local store so having a shoe that ‘adjusts to your style’ was perfect, 2) the original black/orange LG’s looked pretty cool and you can even wear them casually & 3) My friend gave me a nike voucher for S$100 and that meant I only had to spend another 100 to get the shoes. And boy did I love the original Lunarglide, I was surprised at how light it felt and I could use it pretty much anywhere. Fast forward to 2011 where Nike announced the LunarGlide 3, and this time I felt there are enough changes from the original to warrant a purchase.

Lunarglide+ 3 vs Lunarglide+ 1

Following two successful releases of the LunarGlide collection, the LunarGlide+3 is set to dominate the feet of runners around the world this Fall. The LunarGlide+3’s intuitive design features superior stability, ultra-soft cushioning and secure fit to allow runners to take every advantage of the shoe’s smooth ride and great support in a lightweight, flexible and breathable package. – Nike Press Release

After trying on the shoes for my first run I immediately felt that my feet were more secure so I was very happy that it was an even better fit than the first lunarglides. The tongue is actually attached to the shoe on the sides as well so that everything meshes together and that means less seams inside, which in turn reduces irritation. Another thing that you’ll notice, mainly because of its striking colors, is that they replaced the Nike Flywire with a different mid-foot strap/arch-wrap. The key difference is that the new arch-wrap goes under so that it can provide better support around your food and not just from the sides. Plus they also added grooves into the sockliner so that it would work well with these new wrap-around straps. That all sounds well and good but for me the material doesn’t look very durable. And it really ruins the overall look of the shoe ‘coz it looks like there’s a paper cut-out that’s popping up in the middle of the shoe. It’s even worse on the black LunarGlide 3, I mean c’mon black body, red swoosh and a neon green strap in the middle, did Nike outsource the choosing of color palettes to a six year old? Although I get that it might be a marketing move on Nike’s part, they usually provide bad color combinations for the first round of shoes and then release better ones after a few months.

The thing I like most about the LunarGlide is that it provides both support and cushioning without compromising one or the other. The new version does it better because the dynamic support system is designed like a wedge that  provides more cushioning for pronators on impact and slowly rolls them back into normal position. They also added a few more lines to the shoe’s carrier for better cushioning and helps the shoe rebound upon impact. They removed the carrier foam protecting the lunarlon (soft foam) to introduce a trampoline effect in which the middle Is soft but the outer heel is more rigid. All these basically translate to a more comfortable run and I’m very happy with how bouncy this shoe feels even when running on concrete.

Nike has also added more cuts on the bottom of the shoe especially on the outer sole so that the LunarGlide can flex really well with your foot. There aren’t as many cuts as the Nike Free, but still it’s a welcome change. The change I noticed was that the heel cap which was made of sturdy material was now downgraded to a heel clip. I guess they made that change to add to the softness of the shoe and reduce the weight as well.

The LunarGlide 3 is a really good all-around running shoe and is a significant step-up from its predecessors. It’s a lot softer & springy but still manages to feel even more secure on your foot. I’m only a casual runner but I’ve been using these shoes on the treadmill, on the track, on the road and I’ll be running my first 10K on these shoes next month as well. SRP for these kicks are as follows:

  • Indonesia, IND 1, 190, 000
  • Malaysia, MYR 399
  • Singapore, SGD 189
  • Thailand, THB 4, 300
  • Philippines, PHP 5, 495
  • Vietnam, USD 100

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