Captain America: The First Avenger

Posted: August 6, 2011 in movies

I like long walks at the beach

I’ve had mixed feelings about this film for a few months now. On one hand I’m so happy that there’s gonna be a capt america movie and that it actually ties in to the avengers movie for next year and on the other hand I’m scared because I didn’t think Cap would translate well to the big screen plus I hated the fact that they had to kill of Bucky again just so the comics would tie-in well with the release of the film. But Thor has proven me wrong in that even the hardest superheroes to write for can still be brought to the big screen in an awesome manner.

I’m gonna summarize my thoughts early in this review and say that this is the movie that captain america, and us fans deserve, it’s basically as good a movie as you’re gonna get from this character.Director Joe Johnston really knows how to make period pieces feel legit and this movie’s aethetic really reminded me of rocketeer, which was another great comic book adaptation. I read something about how Chris Evans was so hesitant to play this role and that he actually declined a few times saying that he was afraid that he might not do justice to the character and that he might be pigeonholed into playing captain america for the rest of his career. Well he does a very good job at portraying the heroic and never give up attitude of Steve Rogers (not the douchiness of the ultimate capt america, god i hate that guy).

I was never in any real danger in this film!

Another good thing that this movie shares with Thor is that they make a heroic person look cool, and i feel that this movie does it even better. Ever since the dark knight superhero movies have been trying to make their main character be the anti-hero, make the movie have a darker feel more than the source material deserves. This mentality has actually ruined a few characters, batman is batman, very few characters can pull of being the dark knight and i’m so glad they didn’t try to take that route in Captain America. Captain America by himself is not that interesting of a character, at least in the comic books, he’s not really that complex or funny nor does he have lots of gadgets and vehicles. What he does have other than his heroic attitude are interesting side-kicks and some would even argue that the winter soldier Bucky is actually a better character than Cap. So that’s another plus for the film ‘coz they actually show a lot of his side-kicks and they were there for a good portion of the film as well. The humor in this movie is spot on as well, it’s not self deprecating and the comedic timing especially from characters like Colonel Chester (Tommy Lee Jones) was perfect. And of course the action sequences, I understand how people can complain about the fights but I actually think that they handled it well. I mean, all Cap really does is punch, kick, push, shield throw, bounce shield throw repeat so they made the environment a lot more interesting during fight scenes and that really helped.


so I guess we have to kiss after 2 or 3 scenes

I could only list four things I didn’t like about this movie. First was the female lead, she’s not a bad actress but the chemistry between her and cap just wasn’t there which made the ending have a little less impact than it should. There was also a montage in the middle of the film where they showed Cap fighting the baddies with ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan and the rest of the team. Although it was nice to watch I felt cheated and that it was wasted material. That whole montage could’ve been a separate of movie showing Cap’s adventures with his buddies, but I get that it doesn’t fit in with Marvel’s Avengers tie-in so yeah :(. Third thing I didn’t like was this absurd scene where Cap infiltrates one of Hydra’s main camps effortlessly even though he never had any sort of camouflage on and instead had his bright shield on his back the whole time. I mean he could’ve at least taken one of the hydra soldier’s suits as a disguise, so that scene was a bit ludicrous. Last thing I didn’t like (not hated) was the villain, Hugo Weaving is a great actor no doubt about that but there’s something about his scenes in this movies that just didn’t work. Admittedly he was better before he took his mask off but still, anytime there was a scene with him and his scientist/advisor my interest just goes down a few notches.
And that does it for my late review of Captain America: The First Avenger! I really recommend that people watch this film because Captain America by right shouldn’t be as interesting as he is but why is he Marvel’s equivalent to Superman? Watch this film and you’ll find out.


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