Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 review

Posted: July 15, 2011 in movies
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First of all, let’s just take a moment to soak in the bad-assery of Harry Potter series. This is like our generation’s Star Wars (esp since I refuse to recognize the existense of Star Wars I-III) and it’s really an awesome kid’s book series, so awesome in fact that even us adults have become fans of it as well.

Having said that I think there’s one big circlejerk going on when it comes to reacting to or reviewing the last installment of the Harry Potter series. Everyone seems to be saying it’s a very good film but how much of our feelings/reviews are being swayed to the positive side of things because of nostalgia or because of the fact that this will be the last Harry Potter movie ever?

I had high hopes for DH2 because I thought most of the expository dialogue (which I liked in the first part but most people find it boring) was all used up in DH1 so that DH2 would be all action and grand moments. But then DH2 starts and it offers a scene where they go into one room and talk and move into another room and talk again with bland dialogue and absolutely no background music to set any tone or mood to the movie. It’s almost like DH2 was all plot and no story.

This movie feels like if a Pirates of the Carribean( a bad film but with characters that the audience simply adores)  movie took a strand of hair from Lord of the rings and drank that polyjuice potion so that it would look like a good movie. I mean it has all the good ingredients there: great actors, okay story, big budget, great cgi, great characters, magic, etc. but it never feels like an awesome movie.

One good thing I liked about DH1 was that they were saying the spells that they were casting and before it finishes halfway magic bolts would come flying out of the wizards wands. They didn’t do that as much in DH2 that’s why most of the ending fight sequences felt like watching Star Wars where it’s all light sabers or guns. As for the humor in this film I think the only time the audience really laughed was when McGonagall said ‘I’ve always wanted to use that spell.’ Oh, and the epilogue part which I didn’t think was supposed to be funny on purpose.

There were a lot of scenes in the film that were supposed to elicit some emotional response from the audience but they weren’t executed well: (SPOILERS)

1) Saddest scene in the book was when you saw Snape’s memories and I was expecting myself to tear up a bit but while I was watching it on film all I could think of was ‘man, his makeup is too goofy in this flashback’

2) Longbottom was supposed to break off of a spell that was going to torture him to death but in the film what he gets is a super cheesy speech (btw I had no idea why Voldemort would even let him speak 1 sentence) and a less than stellar way of killing the snake

3) And worst of all, the building up of ‘Harry must die’ and leading up to the eventual copout of ‘oh no Voldemort just killed the part of you that needed to die, you’re safe Harry’. It was less of a copout on the book ‘coz at least he actually died if I remember correctly but this film gave such a cheap resolution to that dilemma.

4) Voldemort hugging Draco, wow was that awkward or what?!

I really feel that DH2 is just an okay film, it’s not even the best in the series.. but, let’s face it no matter how good/bad this film really is were all still gonna watch it, ‘COZ IT’S THE LAST HARRY POTTER FILM!


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