Transformers 3 review

Posted: June 29, 2011 in movies
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If you stop and analyze or try to understand what’s going on in transformers 3 while you’re watching it then you won’t like this film. The pacing is as bad as Green Lantern and what’s worse is that the film tries so hard to be funny during the 1st and 2nd act but it keeps failing miserably. This movie is nearly 3 hours long even though it could easily trim 20-30 minutes of useless scenes (i.e. the interview with Fox news). One of the things I hated in Transformers 2 was the scene where all the autobots were all racing to meet with the decepticons and the next scene optimus prime ended up all alone vs the bad guys. It didn’t make sense and it was a lousy shortcut to create suspense and make the odds stack against the good guys. Transformers 3 did it twice this time.. there was a horrible jumpcut wherein they never showed the alien ships reaching earth, after 2 seconds of screentime they just appeared out of nowhere! And also during the 3rd act the autobots were valiantly fighting off the bad guys and then the next scene they were all suddenly captured, WTF?!

This movie is like me trying to cook a 5 star dish with no experience at all. Oh I heard this chef uses nutmeg to make things more delicious, okay.. I guess I’ll put that in my made up dish, oh and sugar.. lots of sugar! It’s the same thing with this movie, ‘oh, I saw ken jeong was in the hangover and community.. he’s funny I guess I’ll hire him and that will automatically make my movie funny, right.. right?!’

But no matter how much I try to nitpick the first and second act of this film, no matter how much I hated seeing Shia lebouf scream his lungs out every other scene he’s in.. ultimately I still would recommend that people watch this film.

Even if you’re a stuck up critic you still have to watch it for the sheer spectacle that this movie brings. The 3rd act of the film feels like a separate movie in itself so much so that the first 1.5-2 hrs of the film almost doesn’t matter. Only Michael Bay can provide such things as guys flying out of helicopters.. yes they serve no purpose but heck I almost jizzed my pants just watching that scene in 3d.

In summary, this film to me is like 80% poison juice.. but the other 20% is the most wonderful drink you’ll ever taste in your life.. it’s so wonderful that I’m having another serving tomorrow. 😛

P.S. watch it in 3D, and wait for the scene where bumblebee catches Sam.. you’ll thank me later

edit 1 (after watching it a 2nd time):

1)also liked the fact that human soliders were actually able to take down a few decepticons,

2)really liked how they captured how irritating soundwave and his many disguises can be.

3)LOVED the angle of Sam’s story how the hero of tf 1 and 2 suddenly doubts himself and thinks maybe he’s really just a messenger, how he struggles to fit in real life and then rises up as a hero again by the end of the film.

4)didn’t like how optimus couldn’t get out of a few cables right after a bad-ass scene with shockwave

5)saw one editing mistake: sam gets out of the car, NEST soldier behind him is wearing a cap, cut to the next scene guy doesn’t have a cap.


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