Get the demo for Heavy Rain right now!

Posted: February 6, 2010 in games


After MAG the next big PS3 exclusive is Heavy Rain which is going to be available on Feb 23, 2010.  The demo is set to be released on Feb. 11 but it turns out you can already download the demo if you succeed in the Heavy Rain Four Days Challenge.

If you wanna get the demo now follow these instructions:

1) Head on over to this site  for US players and this site for PAL players in order to register.

2) After registering login here in order to participate in the challenge.

3) If you wanna play the game and wait for the email instructions then stop reading, else continue to number 4.

4) The correct choices are:

a) Coffee Shop C “Diner”

b) short cigarette – click on cigarette butts and choose 1117/B

c) 1117E The origami bird – well duh he’s the origami killer and finally

d) Tyre Tracks – click on tyre prints and choose 1117H the ones that seems to be  an import.

5) Input your code under account management -> redeem codes in the PS3 XMB.

6) Download the game demo (roughly 1.4 GB) then turn off the lights and enjoy your Heavy Rain demo!


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