How to buy PSN games from the US

Posted: January 16, 2010 in games

Obviously this guide is for people like me who live outside of the United States and can’t enjoy all the latest stuff the PSN has to offer. Europe’s PSN is actually on par with the US but the south-east asia PSN is severely gimped, we don’t even have Shatter! If you have access to the US PSN you can download the latest demos, subscribe to Qore and even download game videos like some Uncharted 2 interviews that weren’t even on the game CD. So here are some steps in order to access the US PSN.

The only reason to subscribe to Qore.


1. The first step is to register a US account over at the US Playstation site. I thought of doing this because I purchased the GoW collection and the code for GoW III’s demo wouldn’t work on the Asian PSN.

US Release Date July 23,2009, its already 2010 and its still not available on the Asian PSN!

2. Now here’s a nice little tip, when you’re thinking of your imaginary house in the US, try to pick out a state address that has no online sales tax e.g. pick Connecticut over New York. Doing this will save you a few bucks whenever you need to purchase PSN content.

3. All you have to do now is get yourself a US PSN top-up card load money into your wallet. If your lucky enough to have stores that actually sell US PSN cards then by all means use them but if you don’t know where to get em might I suggest maximus cards I’ve bought all but my first US PSN cards from this site and their service is extremely reliable. They offer a lot of game cards including XBLA and iTunes but I’ve only used them for PSN stuff so far. Their rates are a bit steep, but hey if you wanna play games like Matt Hazzard: Blood Bath and Beyond the same day it gets released in the US you have to pay a fee.

Maximus rates are as follows:

  • PSN $10 = $12.49
  • PSN $20 = $24.95
  • PSN $50 = $58.95

and if you wanna do this same technique to get access to the French PSN the rates are:

  • French PSN Card 20 EURO = $ 29.99
  • French PSN Card 50 EURO = $ 64.99

4. Once you get the codes sent to your email just login to your US account and load that amount into your wallet to buy the games you want.

Hope this was helpful, I’ve been using this method to build up my songs collection in Guitar Hero 5 as well! Post a comment or a suggestion if you have sites that offer US cards at a lower rate.




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