Glow in the Dark tour comes to Singapore

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Hip-Hop, music
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Oct 29, 2008 – After being delayed for more than a month one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever to grace Asia finally comes to Singapore. 

The show started off with a beatbox battle between two of the finalists for the 2nd National Beatbox Competition, and other acts from Asia.

Then just as the crowd was getting impatient, the lights were turned off, then it began.. an array of lights and stronger playing in the background got the crowd excited. After that, the fog machines were activated and a blue light welcomed Kanye to the stage. He performed the first song off of his current album, Good Morning.

He proceeded to bring the stadium down song after song, and when he got to ‘I Put On’ he extended it with what seems to be a freestyle treat for the Singaporean crowd.

Say what you want about Kanye, in fact I’m one of those people who think he can never bust a freestyle.. but I know that he’s not gonna let other people’s criticisms stop him. He knows how to get better, he started as a music producer that just rapped on the side and now hes one of the best HipHop artists on the planet. Also, Kanye is one of the few people who can actually scream on the mic, make it sound good and convey his emotions to the crowd.

Remember, You can’t tell him nothin..

There were a few people during early parts of the show that wanted to act too cool and were just sitting down not throwing their hands up, but by Diamonds from Sierra Leone everybody in attendance were throwin up roc signs for Mr. West.

Here’s a fun little blooper, see Kanye’s not perfect, but he rips Take 2 of his new song.. Heartless!

And the only way to end the night Ye’ – style is with an awesome performance of ‘Stronger.’


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