The makeover

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Technology
Tags: , , has a single digit market share in the search industry but thats not stopping them from improving and trying to move up from fourth place. The latest version of has just gone live with some major changes eversince they’ve switched CEO’s from  Jim Lanzone to Jim Safka who used to be the CEO of will now delivers results not only from the Web, but also from so-called “structured” sources of data in certain categories like entertainment, health and jobs.The new also includes an index of various question-and-answer sites from around the Web, including Yahoo Answers and WikiAnswers, that proves effective at returning results for some queries posed as questions. Instead of the three-panel results page which the company unveiled last year, it now delivers results in an easier-to-read two-panel format. Check out more changes here.
New smells like Mahalo article.


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