a story

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

So I was looking around for the new episode of the Office, then I remembered theres now new episode this week because of the VP debate. Then, I remembered  well what about Chuck I havent seen this week’s episode, then it hit me, NBC did show the premiere on the internet a week before they did on TV. And by the way I just gotta say I love the show it gives hope to geeks like me who still hope that they would become some sort of spy and have hot chick/s protecting you. I know the shows not laugh out loud funny but the characters are pretty charming and that connection with the audience augments the humor well. So anyway enough about that, while downing a subway and pondering what I would do next I saw an interview of Yvone Strzechowski on Youtube (sidenote: I always thought she was Russian or something.. but Australian? Even better!!). So that video was an interview she was doing on KTLA and a few minutes into it I heard a familiar voice.. OMG its my high school crush Cher Calvin. I used to watch nightly news because of her, I loved her shows back in the Philippines, hated her station.. loved her shows! Oh, man she was it for me back in the day.. she was so smart on shows like Points of View, she seemed classy but a lot of fun to hang out with.. you know the type. Well she dissappeared from my radar a few years back and now I finally know what she’s up to. So to Cher… heres to seeing you a couple of meters away from me in the streets of L.A. or New York just like in Manila a few years ago. So thats it for my story, I just thought it was sort of interesting, and now back to tech news!

Check out her KTLA profile here.


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