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Posted: October 1, 2008 in Technology
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Youtube increases its file limit from 100 mb to 1GB

You can now enter your videos metadata (title, description, tags, etc)

You can now upload multiple videos at once!

I guess Youtube is feeling some heat from its competitors, these are certainly great improvements but how come they didnt increase the video time limit which is only 10 mins, is it only for higher res videos? Thats cool but there was no mention of HD support as well.

Google launches a new old page! Wait.. what?!

Google, in honor of their 10th anniversary, has brought back their oldest index from January 2001. There isnt much to it, but its only gonna last for a month then Google is removing it so its worth checking out. You can see how Google’s homepage looked like on 2001 plus the search results would be the same from that year also, so if you try looking for websites created recently they wont show up. Another cool feature is the search results show a link to their cached copies from back in the day.

Check out Google 2001 here.

2 Microsoft Live Search engines

An interesting concept from Microsoft, I think this is one of their efforts to topple Google but of course is a massive fail. You can listen to prerecorded stuff that sometimes reacts to your search keywords.

This is the old one –

This is the new one with a political them –

Oh, and heres another ‘incentive’ from Microsoft to use their search instead of Google, SearchPerks! will now give you uhm.. perks everytime you use Microsoft Live Search. You just have to download a small program that will allow them to track your usage. Right now SearchPerks is only available for Windows PC plus you have to use Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. Check out the program here.


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