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Posted: September 26, 2008 in Technology
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One of the biggest issues in the tech world right now is about a joint venture between the top 2 internet search giants, Google and Yahoo! This ‘ad’ deal simply means that you’ll be seeing Google ads pop up on Yahoo! pages, particularly search. This is certainly nothing new, another search site has been placing Google ads on its search results for years now. And by the way I’d like to point out that Ask displays Google ads at the  first and last few results on your search results plus you can hardly tell the difference between sponsored and non-sponsored links because the only difference is a light blue background (probably at 5% transparency) for the ads and a little notice that says sponsored results. Anyway enough about that, so yeah going back to Yahoo and Google, people and even companies (Microsoft) are saying that this deal would create a monopoly because it would place almost every internet advertising opportunity in Google’s hands. Plus this statement from Gerry Yang (Yahoo! CEO) doesnt help either, On June 8, we met with Yahoo in San Jose, and Jerry Yang, the CEO of Yahoo, looked across the table, looked us in the eye and said, “Look, the search market today is basically a bipolar market.” He said,

On one pole there’s Google, and on the other pole there are Yahoo and Microsoft both competing with Google. If we do this deal with Google, Yahoo will become part of Google’s pole.

And Microsoft, he said, would not be strong enough in this market to be a pole of its own.

So in order to straighten out a few things Google made this site Pretty much what you get is the fact that Google does NOT set the prices for advertising but rather its clients do, bidding against one another for the amount they will pay when a user clicks on one of their ads.

So check out the site and while you’re at it drop by the site they made to celebrate their 10th birthday for some interesting tidbits about the company.


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