MySpace Music goes live

Posted: September 25, 2008 in music, Technology
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Facebook trumps MySpace at least in terms of site hits however the latter will keep being a close second because of music. Its almost a prerequisite to have a MySpace page whether you’re an aspiring young hopeful or a multi-platinum artist.  MySpace aims to capitalize on this advantage by launching MySpace music in partnership with the industry’s major labels and distributors. The new service will allow MySpace members to share music, purchase merchandise and event tickets, stream and buy songs, manage their digital music collections and compile playlists. If you want to get your own copy of a song theres a ‘buy’ button on music players and other MySpace sections will call up a store powered by the Amazon MP3 service.  Users can also create playlists that contain up to 100 songs and share them with others.

The service will be extended internationally in coming months. It currently can’t be accessed via mobile devices, only PCs.In the future, MySpace expects to sell tickets and merchandise via the service and to add other modes of user engagement, like providing detailed music chart data to inform members of what artists and songs are on the move.

Check out the site here.


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