Become a better geek voter

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Technology
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Google Labs has launched an interesting project called Inquotes that allows you to find out what some key political figures and even celebrities say about a particular topic. Its laid out in such a way that you have a side-by-side comparison of quotes.  You choose two persons you want to compare and then you choose the topic and their quotes show up along with a link to the article where it came from. If theres a lot of quotes for a topic such as ‘Iraq’ you can use the spin button to randomize quotes. By default Barack Obama and John McCain’s quotes are compared.

Please do pay attention to Google’s disclaimer at the bottom of the page – Quotes and their speakers are determined automatically by a computer program and we don’t guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information you may see. The dates you see represent when the article in which the quote appears was added to Google News.”

Other interesting sites for the U.S. elections: – popular mechanics tracks down news about the candidates and their stand on key tech issues – gives 14 important questions about science and how the candidates respond


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