Adobe CS4 VideoCast

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Technology
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  • I need to go to the toilet but I might miss all the juicy CS4 details from the launch broadcast video stream..

You can watch it here.

Some of the features shown:

Premier Pro

  • speech to text – script added to metadata so that you can search for clips based on the transcript (karaoke feature)
  • dynamic link – eliminates a lot of re-rendering when trying to transfer clips between programs (e.g. export and edit a clip from premiere pro to after effects without rendering)


  • better interactive prototypes
  • exports can have passwords, disable prints, enable comments
  • creation of interactive pdfs


  • Inverse kinematics – visual tool for complex/detailed animation
  • new animation model – scale and transform the path of the animation independent of the object being animated
  • motion editor – visual interface for tweaking several schematics
  • 3d effects – for flash player 10
  • AIR integration – create AIR apps right from Flash


  • better code navigator- shows styles related to a selection
  • live view/live code – webkit browser rendering engine, so no more going back and forth from code to browser (my mind = blown!)
  • better AJAX support
  • HTML tables can be used as sources of data for dynamic pages


  • multiple artboard display and tabs
  • blob brush – quickly draw objects with fill and editable paths


  • error reports – you can set parameters for error alerts
  • export (xfl) full documents to flash seamlessly
  • workspace layout presets
  • imported objects become symbols in Flash

Photoshop (Extended)

  • Performance enhancements (gpu usage) –  a 442 megapixel image (~2gb file) was shown and how easily it was rotated, without much lag
  • increased 3d capabilities for PS Extended
  • content aware scaling – when transforming images, important elements’ sized (width/height) arent compromised (my mind = blown again!)

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