Interbrand releases 2008 Best Global Brands: Coke still on top

Posted: September 20, 2008 in Technology
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Coke has toped Global Brands’ list for the 8th consecutive year and pretty much the top 10 remains in tact except for two changes that came from the tech biz. 1. IBM has beated Microsoft for the 2nd spot and Google skyrocketed 10 spots to enter the top 10! Apple also jumped up a quite a few spots going from 33rd place last year to 24th in this years list while Yahoo falls 10 spots down. The biggest losers in the list comes from the financial sector, no surprise there, with 10 out of the 13 brands posting negative changes in their brand value. (Merill Lynch: -21%, Morgan Stanley: -16%, Citi: -14%, UBS: -11%.

Check out the whole list here.

  1. Humm…so the ‘top’ brands are possibly also the ‘top’ spenders on…branding?

    The new Interbrand ranking of ‘top brands’ is a gloriously inane bit of nonsense, really. They set out to find what they want to see, close their eyes to evidence of every business driver that has a rational explanation, and then ‘see’ evidence of branding in the resulting absence of proof. ‘Better’ brands don’t sell or make more, and they don’t suffer less in bad economic times.

    Worse, there’s no forward-looking decision that businesses can make based on this silly rating system: well, unless that decision is to hire a branding firm to do more of whatever it is they do!

    I’m surprised we don’t ask more from this type of announcement, though I suspect that most execs note it and move on.

    I’ve written about it at some length on my blog, DIM BULB (, as well as in my new book, BRANDING ONLY WORKS ON CATTLE (

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