Blizzard is laughing all the way to the biz-ank

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Technology
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Blizzard has already announced the release date for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion but I remember them saying that they will churn out an expansion pack every year( 2004 – game release, 2007 – Burning Crusade). I’m thinking they could certainly do that and to prove that Blizz has more money than they know what to do with kotaku released the numbers (upkeep costs – e.g. payroll, hardware support, customer service, etc.) that the company has disclosed during an analyst conference call. World of Wacraft has cost Blizzard 200 million since 2004, this may or may not include development costs, but I doubt it does.

Now let me refresh a little bit of my arithmetic skills, in January 22 of this year Blizzard passed the 10 milli mark on subsribers, assuming it grew to 12 million then got reduced by 500,000 due to Age of Conan and then reduced again by 1 million due  to Warhammer thats still roughly 10,500,000 subscribers. Taking into consideration that some hardcore players have more than one account lets go back to 10 million, but then some accounts are still probably in their free months, so lets subtract another 500k, that leaves us with 9.5 million addicts. It costs 15 bucks a month to play WoW so thats $ 142,500,000!! Ok, so a some people have subscription plans that decreases the monthly pay to around 12 bucks so lets say that its still around 135 million.  Thats being conservative since back in the day it costs more than 15 bucks/month to play wow. Now the original game costs around 40 bucks so thats another 380 million dollars. So thats it, oh wait what about the expansion which costs around 27 bucks, which equates to 256.5 million.

There you have it folks, around 779,000,000 million dollars in just 1 month of playing WoW (includes original game and Burning Crusade expansion pack purchase) keep it mind that the game was released almost 47 months ago (November 23, 2004).

What I admire about Blizz though is that they’re still hungry, they still keep coming out with new content, tries to keep a diverse community happy and still keeps an eye out for competition.  You think having more than half of the market share in mmorpg would be enough, no, Blizz still comes up with things like recruit-a-friend or scroll of resurrection. And keep in mind this is just one of Blizzard’s games, we haven’t even mentioned their other releases that are also well-received and critically acclaimed (starcraft, diablo). Blizz really puts out quality content even if it means pushing back releases or even abandoning a project altogether (Starcraft:Ghost). So Blizz while your busy not resting on your Laurels, give us the release date for Starcraft 2 and a release year for Diablo 3!


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