Return of the Mac Clones, now comes to your PC

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Technology
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Apple sued Psystar for making mac clones and according to the lawsuit “by misappropriating Apple’s proprietary software and intellectual property for its own use, Psystar’s actions harm consumers by selling to them a poor product that is advertised and promoted in a manner that falsely and unfairly implies an affiliation with Apple.”

But this time instead of going through the process of getting a Hackintosh or buying an actual macbook, you can attach this Dongle to your PC to run MAC OS!! It costs $ 170 and some people believe that for that price you should just get a Mac. There are a few restrictions of course, the list of supported hardware isnt that long, and it used to only work on gigabyte motherboards and intel processors. Back in July  there were only 200 units on the market because version 1 was hand-made. And they’ve only made deals with distributors in Bulgaria and Taiwan so I’m not sure if its available elsewhere. Version 2 is going to be mass produced and expected to be cheaper. The EFiX USB dongle is to be installed internally, which you need a vacant USB header on your motherboard. The awesome thing is unlike a Hackintosh you dont have to wait for software hacks before you patch, EFiX works with the latest MAC patches 10.5.5.

Check out the list of supported hardware here.


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