For the last time, thats not a typo!! Hear = here, honest!

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Technology
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We’ve heard a few announcements from big companies for the past couple of days and it seems that Creative wants to get into the action as well.  They’ve been sending out invites for an event and it seems like they’re releasing a new x-fi product. A lot of people are actually have high hopes and are expecting at least a new PMP from Creative. I think they really need to come out firing on all cylinders for this event because most of Creative’s recent product releases have been lackluster to say the least. I mean, this used to be a company that made products that rival  Apple’s iPods, Apple has sold millions since then but still Creative’s product features were superior, at least back then. Their main line of products in my opinion is a dying technology (mp3s, sound cards) because they can already be replaced by other device or are already integrated of course they still perform better  in general but still would that be enough reason for people to buy them?

Update: It seems this is one if not the one product that they plan to unveil today an X-Fi soundcard for notebooks that lets you listen to music anywhere in your house via wireless receivers, hence the tagline “I am heard everywhere” great another X-mod…… (product page)


I really hope they plan on announcing a whole lot more than this, please tell me they’re not that delusional to hold an event for just one product.


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