Its open hack day for Yahoo!

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Technology
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Although it might not be obvious in Asia, Yahoo is actually a struggling company. Google has become to powerful that its share of the search market has gotten to 70%+ and Yahoo stocks have been falling, investors got mixed feelings about the decision to deny a Microsoft buyout. So its trying a new strategy, they want to get the developers attention, and so the Yahoo Open Strategy was born which was announced this April. This is an initiative to open all Yahoo sites to outside developers. You can follow the event here at

On a side note Yahoo! has chosen a software engineer born in Baguio and now living in Antipolo as the Philippines representative for Open Hack Day. The dudes name is Andrei Navarro and hes only 23 years old, and thats just awesome.

This is what the advisory from Yahoo said “Andrei was chosen by a panel of Internet and technology experts … based on his background, work experience, and developer knowledge. He will be joining fellow qualified Southeast Asian Hack Day Representatives from Malaysia and Singapore to represent the country in the Open Hack Day event,”


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