MTV VMAs 2008

Posted: September 8, 2008 in music
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Its the 25th MTV Video Music Awards held at the Paramount studios in Hollywood. Right off the bat I had a feeling that this would be a toned down VMA, at least compared to last years extravaganza. The Main stage wasnt even designed that well and it really wasnt that impressive.

Russell Brand is this year’s host and frankly the more I watch these award shows the more I feel sorry for the hosts. If you try to be your unique and crazy self, you dont get a lot of cheers from the celebs and if you try to go for that crowd’s laugh you get ripped by the online community. Its like you have to choose, would you be John Stewart or Steve Martin. Well anyways I still think Russell did a good job hosting, getting a good amount of laughs considering he’s taking his London comedy to a foreign land. One thing I didn’t like was they made him keep saying “oh what a wonderful show its been so far” everytime he had to do his bit. Man, that -ish was annoying, as if that was gonna save the dull parts of the show.

Now for my “what ups”……..

whats up with Ciara’s hair

whats up with Rihanna’s hair

whats up with Lindsay Lohan’s hair

whats up with Bill Kaulitz looking more like Bjork everyday

whats up with Jordin Sparks getting pissed off at the virginity jokes

whats up with the Jonas brothers – every single year theres one VMA act that I just dont get, I just aint feelin their music, I guess I’m out of touch like that

whats up with Nicole’s voice during the pussycat dolls acceptance speech? it was like she was tryin to be 16 again.


Britney’s lean body thats whats up – they finally found the formula for making Britney watchable again, make room for the standing ovation at the beginning then give her a 20 second time limit when she starts to open her mouth.

Lupe finally getting some good VMA coverage thats whats up

T-wayne rockin the house thats whats up (Although the BET Awards performance was better) I gotta get me one of those weezy belts, man those things hold up your pants like a bank robber.

Pinks performance thats whats up

Christina Aguilera on the red carpet thats whats up

T.I and Rihanna’s performance thats whats up

Mclovin’ and slipknot presenting lil Wayne with best hiphop award thats whats up

Kid Rock performin with lil’ wayne doin a country song that I could actually listen to thats whats up

Kanye closin’ ending the show with a bang and me getting to see him on September 19, thats whats up!!!!!

No photos for this post, I dont wanna get sued by Viacom.. just check out their site at

  1. Ian says:

    We all had something to say on this. I was so mad that I sat through and watched it. I should have just waited for the you tube clips to catch what little was good.

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