Spore comes to Singapore!

Posted: September 7, 2008 in games
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I slept at 4am today playing DoTa, then for some reason i still woke up at 9 am on a Sunday. I thought “hmm, there must be something important that I had to do.”  And then it hit me..  SPORE LAUNCH @ Funan Mall!!  I wasnt in a hurry, afterall the launch wasnt until 12 pm so I arrived at Funan at exactly 10:30 thinking that I’d be the first in line looking all geeky and excited to get my freebies. And then this is what I saw…

And then I said the gamers prayer.. “OMFG, I hope Im still part of the first 200 buyers to get extra swag.” So I went in line just playing PSP and listening to music to help pass the time when I noticed that everyone in queue had one thing I didn’t, they all pre-ordered the game! So I was like, ” nah, I’m sure I can buy at the booth.” So I waited a little longer and when the booth was finally in sight, just when I can breath in the smell of newly packaged games I saw that there was only a redemption booth, and that there was a separate line for those that didnt pre-order.  After that I bowed my head, not in a cool way like batman does, more like when Krusty the Clown after a bad show. I almost wanted to go home, but no I was already there and nothing was gonna stop me from creating my intergalactic spore army.. (plus I’ve already wasted 20 bucks on cab fare so might as well do something right?). And so I went on the other queue and purchased my “pre-order receipt.” Long story short I went straight home after eating a quick lunch at subway and now I have to finish this blog post coz the spore setup is done. 🙂

Check out my allvoices profile for more pictures!


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