Finally someone takes a jab at the iPhone

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Technology
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I admire Apple a lot, I think they’re an awesome and very innovative company. But during these times when its somehow cool to pick on Microsoft, Apple is getting a lot of free passes from its devoted fans. Its like they cant do anything wrong eventhough there are countless reports of epic failure on their part. Take the iPhone for example, low battery life, low 3G reception.. MOBILE ME! and still it keeps selling like hotcakes on a day when hotcakes are selling a lot. I’m not really excited about anything the iPhone can offer except for the app store which I think is the only advantage it has over other phones.

Well anyway I did the unthinkable, I clicked on an ad but at least i was taken to a very interesting website. The design and concept for this ad is pretty bad-ass, and at least the ‘versus’ videos are somewhat aggressive enough to make a point. 

Check out the website here.


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