L.A.X. (The Game) – Album Review

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Hip-Hop
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I finally got my copy of Game’s third album, I gotta tell you the truth, I’m routin for Game, I hope he finds success in this album. He might be crazy and inconsistent sometimes, frankly I dont think he should be beefin’ anymore with 50 (eventhough I’m not a 50 fan) and no way should he be takin’ shots at Hov, unless he comes with anything more than subliminals.  I mean game is lyrically competent and more people should really know that about him.

I’m gonna go track by track on this review and the first one is..

Intro (DMX) – Here’s another dawg that I wish would get his -ish together, I really hope DMX gets outta jail and makes hard albums like he used to. Nothing really from this intro, it really just makes you think about DMX’s current situation and compare it with his past glory.

Memorable line: “Devil I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!”

LAX files – A song that showcases Game’s flow, great beat and nice touch with the piano plus the hook is good too. Pretty much delivers as a song that has the same title as the album.

Memorable line: “This gangbangin’ -ish aint nuthin’ to play with, me and Snopp Dogg just made it look easy.”

State of Emergency feat. Ice Cube – Another great song that really has that West Coast feel to it, from Game’s verses, the beat I mean J.R. Rotem really gets what the song is tryin to be which is like a West Coast anthem. Ice Cube’s hook is probably the third best in the album I just wished he could’ve spit one verse also. Game sayin’ that he’ starface was a lil off for me though.

Memorable lines: “subwoofers in the trunk kickin’ that lethal injection, a hood nig- lost with no direction so we bought a black smith and wesson strapped on his vest and thats his protection”

“California ain’t a state its an army.”

Bulletproof Diary feat Raekwon – I just don’t think the beat blends well with the verses in this joint. Don’t get it twisted the beat is fire but I don’t know maybe the flow was to lazy for me. I have to be honest  I’m not a big Wu fan, I guess I just haven’t listened to enough of their material. I mean outside of Method Man, Ghostface and Rza I really don’t listen to ’em a lot.

Semi-memorable line: “I’ll kill a motherf- dragon with a dome shot.

My Life feat lil’ Wayne – Another awesome track, its so good I’m actually feelin Wayne’s shot at singing even with the friggin’ voice box (but seriously though I hope rappers leave that to T Pain).

Memorable line: “Dear Lord, you done took so many of my people I’m just wonderin why you haven’t taken my life..”

Money – Ahh yes, what would a hiphop album be without a track about that green. The cool n Dre beat is definitely bangin’ especially the way it says “hahahahahaha money” or some -ish like that.

Memorable line: “I’m about a dollar fiddy cent ain’t real” borrowed from Jigga

“… speak no Ingles but dinero i talk it fluent.”

Cali Sunshine – I was really excited to hear this joint because I really like Nottz as a producer, i think he’s underrated. This track is really somethin you can just relax with they type of track that makes you recline your seat while drivin’ slow.  But  I think Game could’ve used Bilal a bit more than just saying cali sunshine in the summertime 200 times.

Memorable line: “’bout to murder MTV’s top 10 and tat my face with 10 tears..”

Ya Heard feat Ludacris – Hmm how many tracks in this album have Game spittin that laid back flow, I mean I dont want the dude to go stupid but I like it more when he goes hard on a track. You have Nottz with the beat and Luda as a guest and you decide to just coast through the record? Hmm, I don’t know the track is still ok but like the rest of the album it could’ve been a lot more.

Memorable line: “.. get rid of bullets my guns keep havin’ abortions”

House of Pain – Finally a track that goes pretty hard, and Game rides that DJ Toomp well.

Memorable line: “..my competition stiffer than Ronald Regan..let it go.. For you be a mother-f**kin vegetable… these rap nig-z too animated like the Incredibles..”

Gentleman’s Affair feat Ne-Yo – This is a better than expected collabo but I guess if you put two people with high lyrical IQ the result would be ok. As expected I’m really feelin Ne-yo’s hook and verse but the hook end doesn’t appeal to me for some reason, like he could’ve said something better than “please be off.”

Memorable lines: I give em d*ck no dough she give me -ish she go all she got waz a baby and a Game logo”

“flashin paper, player stop it swag is in you not in ya pocket try to buy her, aint gone fly cuz she want smooth gentleman like”

Let me live feat Chrisette Michelle – Is it just me or does Game sound so much like Nas in most of his lines? Even the flow is God’s Son-like. I literally had to review the cd cover to check if Nasir had two guest appearances. I guess thats a good thing..

Memorable lines: “I don’t hate Mobb Deep or M.O.P That was a phase I was caught up in the beef like a rat in a maze And my legacy will never be that of a hater Lyrical rhyme slayer wack niggas say your prayers
It’s the return of Ghandi Criminal minded city behind me Put it on my face to remind me
Of all the shit I been through my physical prints my pen too nice My first album sent you life”

Touchdown feat Raheem DeVaughn – So this is the sexy track of this album, and it sounds real good. You can vibe or grind to it. And for me it still keeps that west coast feel, kinda like a Snoop Dogg RnG track.

Memorable line: “I wore that *ss out girl just rest”

Angel feat Common – I guess when you got Common on a track you gotta flow slow, that aint a bad thing though but the thing about this joint is that I actually think  Kanye’s beat is only so-so.

Memorable line: “I understand why Common used to love her, she got me open so I even had to F- her. But I used the rubber ‘coz she was married to Rakim, so I bought me a gunchain pretendin that I was him..”

Never Can Say Goodbye feat Latoya Williams – You got Game rappin’ like three HipHop legends, now thats good material. First verse he channels Pac, then Big then Eazy. I think he did a helluva job he even got some of the pronounciations right.

Memorable line: “Straight Outta Compton, the king of gangsta rap’s dyin Cause of death, the AIDS virus
Conspiracy, I guess the government just hate violence They thought my group influenced the L.A. riots
Woulda been here to see my kids grow, if I stayed quiet Took 12 years for a real nigga to break silence”

Dope boys feat Travis Barker – One of my favorite tracks coz its high energy, something that I felt this album was lacking.

Memorable line: “I’ll bring out the polka dots, put Game on your forehead.
Yeah, it’s the new king of everything, and bitches don’t say no to me, I’m like a wedding ring.”

Game’s Pain feat Keyshia Cole – Its cool that Game is actually recognizin’ all those that paved the way for him. Nice touch with Keyshia Cole on the hook.  And the lyrics were on point for the whole song too.

Memorable line: “Every rap metaphor always ends in my name: The Kool Hercs, DJ Red Alerts
Before I was born they was talking ’bout The Game”

“They say it never rain in southern California, Tony Toni lied Sit back, watch Game throw his money in the sky”

Letter to the King feat Nas – My favorite track, but it comes as no surprise, everytime these two legends came together on a track it was always straight fire.

Memorable lines: “..but I’m a street dude normally I just speak rude.”

“as a kid I aint relate really, I was sayin Dreams speech jokingly Till your word awoken me
First I thought your were passive, soft one who *ss kissed
I was young to be honest, I was feelin Mohamed I aint even know the strength you had to have to march
You was more than just talk you were the first real Braveheart”

“If Dr. King marched today would Bill Gates march? I know Obama would but would Hillary take part?
Great minds think great thoughts The pictures I paint make the Mona Lisa look like fake art
I feel the pain of Nelson Mandela  Cuz when it rains it pours I need Rihannas umbrella
For Coretta Scotts tear drops When she got the phone call that the future just took a f**kin head shot
I wonder why Jesse Jackson didn’t catch him before his body dropped  Would he give me the answer? Probably not”

Outro feat DMX – I just hope Game doesn’t end up like X.

So all in all its still a great album but again because I know Game has so much potential I expected more. A lot of people are rippin’ on this album because they say theres too many guest appearances, so the F- what?! The more people on there, the better, its an even greater challenge for an artist to keep outshining all your guests. I just thought the overall production, and feel of the album could’ve been more aggressive. But its still a must have album, just not a classic in my opinion.


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