Wall-E: Movie Review

Posted: August 31, 2008 in movies
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I usually watch movies at least once a week and for the past couple of weeks the summer blockbusters have been rolling out of Hollywood. Almost all films were great but a few really dissappointed me;

  • speed racer had so much potential and it was based on a classic cartoon but as visually appealing as it was I still wasn’t impressed;
  • I also thought the Mummy would be great since Jet Li was there but it fails as an action/adventure film, I really thought of it as a comedy most of the time;;
  • I wasn’t to thrilled about Narnia as well, maybe I’m just getting old;
  • on the flip side though I had such low expectations for Meet Dave that I actually came out of the cinema thinking that the film wasn’t that badI’m not gonna get into detail about Batman and Ironman because people already know how great these two films are, and that finally Hollywood has realized that comic book stories are a perfect fit for Hollywood blockbusters.

I wanted to talk about Wall-E because for one thing it only showed up in Singapore this week and because I really thought the movie was great in so many ways. First off, the film is a visual masterpiece from the films version of Earth 700 years from now to the mothership that is Axiom, every detail, every piece of trash or robot was awesome. The story was also very good, usually 3D films tend to tackle more general feelings of friendship and good behaviour but this time the film is really revolves around the love story that is Wall-E and Eve. Its extremely difficult to portray genuine emotions from robots with limited dialogue to boot, I dont know how many times Eve said “Wall-E” for vice versa but you can sense what their feelings everytime.  I’ve never really seen a cartoon movie that tries to deal with very deep emotions in such a unique way.

Another great thing about this film is that it delivers other good messages unintentionally. The way Earth was shown at the beginning of the film could have people thinking of the film’s environmental message.  And with our current Earth facing issues like global warming, it really gets you thinking whether or not our future will be something similar to Wall-E’s. Another thing that I got from the movie was the message of how disconnected we as people can get sometimes. Inside Axiom people were just on their “do-it-all” chairs all the time, just chatting and drinking food, yes.. drinking food! And again you can see hints of that in our society, in this internet age that we live in, we rely too much on technology and expect a lot from it. Just the thought of switching TV channels without a remote control seems so out of whack now. We tend to focus so much on work now because thats how we’ve been conditioned to some extent and so we forget about the things that really matter.  Needless to say the film discourages this sort of behaviour unless we all want to be a bunch of fat SOB’s that cant even pick themselves up once they fall from a chair.

One last thing that I liked about the film was how they made holding hands such an important way of ‘connecting.’ Wall-E was so curious about it and rightfully so, because in my opinion holding hands is a great way of expressing your feelings but it is often taken for granted. Sure there’s kissing and hugging among others, but  holding hands is easier to do, less intrusive, requires less prerequisites and does’nt really pick a place but it gets pretty much the same results.

So all I have to say now is definitely see this film, with your family, friends or special someone.


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