COMEX 2008 Experience

Posted: August 30, 2008 in Technology
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Being the blog noob that I am, I decided to write about how I’m going to write about COMEX today since, well, nothing interesting happened to me the other day. Well I finally finished writing my COMEX article and you can check it out along with all the pictures from the event at, its my first contribution to this new website that I heard from the new media expo that happened a few weeks ago and you guys should definitely check it out.

As for my impressions on the event, it was great, it exceeded the number of floors compared to previous events because the Singtel and Panasonic ( i think ) booked the ballrooms at level 2 which normally isnt part of IT shows. As usual a lot of Bravia sets are being sold, Brother printers with their great bargains are also selling like hotcakes, and I can see that theres a lot of buzz with regards to the Acer Aspire One Series for some reason. As for the iPhone 3G, it doesnt look like its a big hit in Singapore, compared to the U.S. at least. I really didnt think that Singtel marketed the product enough, I mean they gave out reservations and a few posters but other than that, no TV commercials, no giveaways, no events! At least in the Philippines there was even a launch party that counted down till midnight the day b4 the launch. I was also dissappointed because I didnt find any headphones from plantronics so I had to settle for the ones from China, I hope it works ok coz they’re pretty cheap.

If you wanna check out all my photos from the event visit my profile at allvoices here.

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