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Titanfall Beta

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How to get the collector’s edition from Amazon while it’s out of stock
1: Have chrome or firefox installed.
2: Get this addon for firefox or this addon for chrome
3: Go to any item on amazon or your account settings, and make sure 1-click ordering is turned on.
4: Open iMacro and press record, and then press stop. It should make #Current.iim appear in the list of macros. Right click on it and press edit and then copy what is below into the script.
5: Go to the Diablo 3 collectors edition amazon page, and set imacro to loop 99999 times on the above script. Make sure it’s the first tab.
This will refresh the page every 15 seconds and click the 1-click ordering button if it’s in stock. Once your order is successful it will keep refreshing the order confirmation page, you wont buy multiple copies.

Refresher course of what diablo is about

Diablo 3 – the basics

Make sure to uninstall the diablo 3 beta client

Remember to create your battletag now by logging in to your account

download link for diablo 3 installer.. it will unlock 8:00 AM PDT on May 14

D3 CPU Benchmarks,3195.html

Make sure to prepare your PC, do all the usual stuff like clearing hard drive space, defragging, downloading the latest drivers for your video card and possibly some voodoo to improve your internet connection.

Don’t forget to visit the game’s official website so you can use the skill calculator and check out the progression for each class as well

When eating cheetos or any other junk food during your marathon gaming session, put them in a bowl and use chopsticks so you don’t have to wash your hands after finishing them.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

Posted: August 22, 2011 in games

Toy Soldiers: Cold War is the last offering from Xbox 360’s Summer of Arcade, featuring such awesome games as Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and to a lesser extent Fruit Ninja Kinect. I wasn’t able to play the original Toy Soldiers game but when I saw TS:CW’s core gameplay, and being the huge tower defense fan that I am, I immediately bought it when it was launched last week.

So basically Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a tower defense game set during the World War II era, but unlike most tower defense games the amount of towers you can use in a game is very limited but more importantly you can control a single tower any time you please.

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Cowboys & Aliens is the latest offering from Iron-man director John Favreu and Dreamworks 3rd try at a comic-book inspired movie. This was one of the summer movies that I wasn’t really anticipating even though I liked the source material (Cowboys & Aliens comic from 2006) but the casting for this film was top notch so I decided to give it a go.

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LunarGlide+ 3 Review

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Running

I bought the original lunarglide back in 2009 for a few reason: 1) I’m too lazy to have my running pronation checked at the local store so having a shoe that ‘adjusts to your style’ was perfect, 2) the original black/orange LG’s looked pretty cool and you can even wear them casually & 3) My friend gave me a nike voucher for S$100 and that meant I only had to spend another 100 to get the shoes. And boy did I love the original Lunarglide, I was surprised at how light it felt and I could use it pretty much anywhere. Fast forward to 2011 where Nike announced the LunarGlide 3, and this time I felt there are enough changes from the original to warrant a purchase.

Lunarglide+ 3 vs Lunarglide+ 1

Following two successful releases of the LunarGlide collection, the LunarGlide+3 is set to dominate the feet of runners around the world this Fall. The LunarGlide+3’s intuitive design features superior stability, ultra-soft cushioning and secure fit to allow runners to take every advantage of the shoe’s smooth ride and great support in a lightweight, flexible and breathable package. – Nike Press Release

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Bastion Review

Posted: August 10, 2011 in games

Sony might have the leg up on Microsoft with it’s first party lineup for 2011 but the 360 is definitely way ahead of the PS3 with it’s downloadable offerings. One of the first games to come out in this year’s summer of arcade is a game called Bastion, which was released last July 20, 2011.

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